Bass discography

The Double Bass or Bass is a large low pitch string instrument typically played in a symphony orchestra and jazz performances. BassDiscography was created to catalog the large collection of recordings created with this instrument.

When Lisa approached us to discuss the online catalog, we could see the passion she had for the instrument and the vast knowledge she accumulated working as a music archivist. She spent nearly 30 years carefully compiling a private complex catalog with a mix of artists, albums, performers and volumes of notes. Our task was to bring this vast catalog online and allow the public to get access to this valuable information.

Most cataloging websites are built to “library” standards, which typically look bland, highly info centric and purpose built. Lisa wanted a library function, but with a warm artistic vibe. Working with her, we found a premium template we customized into a visually appealing catalog.

Cataloging websites may be as simple as an ordered list, however, is a highly specialized, standards driven catalog using Anglo-American cataloging rules (AACR). Using WordPress we modified and created all relevant data input fields that seamlessly followed the AACR methodology.

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