Simple 3 step guide to starting a new website and online business

how to start my online website

Starting a new website is like cooking up a new recipe; without a logical and methodical process, it can take new business owners many trials and errors before achieving success. Recipes come with unique ingredients, steps and a process to follow to increase success and create a cooking masterpiece. Have you ever tried replicating a recipe without following the directions or using alternative ingredients? I know I have. My wife often comes home to my ‘creative cooking’, as she calls it, but the taste and presentation do not always fit the appetite. However, in this case, I’m referring to spending […]

Website templates: 8 things you need to know before starting your journey

website templates, did you know?

Think of website templates or custom websites as the foundation for your online business. Similarly, if your home resides on a poor foundation, it’s expected that walls and roof will equally suffer on performance and longevity.  In essence, would you buy a home without having a house inspection?  The common mindset when buying a home is to have a professional house inspector check the home from top to bottom. Buyers do this to discover ahead of time what may or may not be wrong with the house before making the purchase. Therefore, without proper diligence, buyers could be walking into […]

8 things to consider when choosing a web development company

how to choose your next web design and web development company

Choosing your web development company is like choosing your life partner, your next family pet, your next car or your next career. Once the decision to proceed is made, it’s very hard to walk away. Keep in mind, it’s not impossible, but the headache that follows makes the journey of starting a new online website a very unpleasant one. When hiring a web development company for your new website, it’s important you take the time in choosing the right team. Sometimes the right team might also not be the most expensive, or the least expensive. In most cases, the web […]

6 Things to consider before spending money on a new business idea


When looking at a new business, that be digital or not; there are essential elements any new entrepreneur should consider before starting. It’s great to have ideas – we all have dreams – but what matters most is execution. Try to consider the following before investing any money into your future business. Start by drafting your new business ideas on to paper To start with, we say paper, but using Microsoft word is probably one of the most efficient ways to do this. It allows for easy editing and sharing. The goal for this exercise is to find gaps within […]